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Our label software program enables you to create a wide variety of labels using text, pictures, boxes, ovals, lines, counters, and patterns in any font, color, or rotation. Visual Labels includes a comprehensive database of Avery label templates. You can create text in circles or partial circles. Several options are provided. You can set the number of degrees the CircleText encompasses, the starting angle, whether it is angled or mirrored, and what color it is. For more detailed program information, program requirements and version history, please click here.

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Visual Labels


  • label design software that’s easy to use.
  • design and print your own diskette labels, VCR labels, jar and bottle labels, folder labels, return address labels, and labels for just about anything you can think of.
  • design with our exclusive SuperShape, SuperText, and RichText design tools.
  • create beautiful text and multi-purpose shaped objects including rectangles, ovals, rounded rectangles, diamonds, triangles, or star shaped objects, with special effects properties including shadows, textured surfaces, and gradient filled surfaces.
  • design labels with true drag and drop, WYSIWYG design, with instant print preview.
  • place text anywhere on the label, using any font, any color, and rotate text to any angle.
  • design with a wide variety of shapes using any color, pattern, line thickness and line color.
  • insert *.BMP, *.JPG, *.JIF, *.JPEG, *.WMF,and *.ICO graphic files.
  • add counters: numbers that increment with each label printed – ideal for serial numbers.
  • use the predefined database of Avery label templates, or create your own custom labels.

Note: Visual Labels is designed to print one or more full sheets of the same label, e.g., multiple copies of a CD label, a diskette label, a return address label, etc.. For mailing label programs, please see Personal Mailing List or Page O’ Labels for Mailing Labels.

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To purchase Visual Labels for $19.95 (US), please click here.

Customer Comments

“I spent three hours trying to get Microsoft Word to do what your program did perfectly in 10 minutes with only one reference to the help file. I wish Microsoft software was this easy to use and understand.”

“I have started using your program a lot now. I have to print various individual labels and in the past I had to print a whole sheet for just one label. You print option of printing an individual label is fantastic as is we whole program. I’m so pleased I found your web site – Thank you.”

“I just LOVE your software! We recently purchased Visual Business Cards and find that your label program is just as wonderful! Quick, slick, simple and perfect output! Gosh, you’d think other companies might get the hint!”

“This is the best label software around! It has and does everything I need…so glad I found your site. Thank you!”

“Simple, very effective product. I’m very satisfied!!!!”

“I heard about Visual Labels at a Craft show two weeks ago, I downloaded it that night and tried it out immediately! This is sooooo easy, and uncomplicated! I paid $80.00 for the software I have been using for our product labels for nearly a year, and have fussed and fumed all the way! I absolutely love your software. A BIG thank you for being here!”

“Absolutely great program. Does everything I need and more.”

“This is truly the easiest and best labeling software I have ever used!”

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