Whats new in Visual Business Cards 4?

By | December 17, 2015

New Business Card Wizard. The New Business Card Wizard (screen shot) makes it a snap to create a new business card from a template – previewing exactly what your card will look like by browsing and viewing categories and templates.

Many more templates than before – so many that they are organized by category. Many of the templates now have multiple alternate backgrounds to choose from.

Over 1000 brand new art files, including backgrounds (screen shot), textures (screen shot), and clipart (screen shot)

More intuitive user interface (screen shot), makes it very easy to modify cards, add text and graphics and change backgrounds.

More helpful feedback than you can shake a stick at. Pass the mouse over any part of the screen and get instant feedback in the Instant Help panel.

Extended color selection for all items requiring color setting (fonts, shapes, etc). In addition, all color buttons now remember a common set of custom colors – so when you save a custom color it is remembered for future use.

More toolbar buttons for common operations like Copy, Cut, Paste etc.

Images can be dragged and dropped from Windows to the business card. Images can now be told to retain their proportions when changing sizes. GIF is now supported.

The Help file has been completely overhauled, and should be much more “helpful” now.

When opening business cards, a preview is shown for easier identification.

Fixed some long standing problems when using Windows in “large font” mode.

Fixed some problems with using large, high definition images. These now print out very sharp and crisp.

Two new template fields: website and slogan

Added additional 26 Avery paper stock layouts

Added user profiles, so that you can save and recall the personalization settings for multiple persons.

Added a choice to set a “clipping margin” around each card, to prevent overlapping when printing (due to printer alignment problems – very common

The preview now shows the entire page of cards.

Added a new drawing tool – the Callout. A Callout is like the little balloon captions that you see in comic books.

Added a new screen for choosing textures which shows visual thumbnails

The background browser now shows the current card layout and all of the card contents – easier to pick a background that fits

The Change all fonts command now allows color, style, size change as well. Also added a ‘change selected fonts’ only for selected items

New options Stretch to fit text and Shrink to fit text for text based drawing tools.

And quite honestly, a lot more…

Go ahead – try it out. Its a free upgrade for previous owners.

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