Our alternate personal fax software.

From the makers of MightyFax. Unlike our MightyFax product, Just The Fax does not install a printer driver and does not provide faxing from other programs such as Microsoft Word or scanner software. Instead, it includes its own word processor so that you compose your fax message within JTF and then fax it. Just The Fax is intended for those who want an entirely self-contained fax program. Like MightyFax, it can send and receive faxes using the modem in your computer.

Please Note: Most of our customers choose MightyFax, our main fax program. For a comparison of MightyFax and Just The Fax, click here. If you purchase Just The Fax and later decide you prefer MightyFax, you can switch at no charge.

If you want to fax from other programs such as Microsoft Word or your scanner software, you need MightyFax. Just The Fax will not do this !

Just The Fax

Try before you buy:

You can download a trial copy which you can use for 30-days free of charge. Please click here to go to the downloads page.


To purchase Just The Fax for $19.95 (US), please click here.

Customer Comments

“Just The Fax is the BEST and easiest fax programs I have ever used. Fantastic program!”

“Tossed out my 4 other fax programs. This is simplicity itself. Great program! First fax program that’s worked properly with my PC.”

“Excellent product…best all round fax software I have used. Congratulations and thanks!”